Time is so interesting...

When you really stop to think about it, time is just such a unique thing in our existence.

Everything else is a renewable resource... air, water, food (when it turns to manure, fertilizes the soil and feeds the plants it's renewing itself into something new), money... everything...

Except for TIME.

When it has passed, the only way to get it back is to remember it, but you don't really ever get it back.

Recently, things have been occurring in my life and as a result, my awareness has been brought to the way we spend our awareness of time.

If you're out of your 20s, you'll probably remember decades where your awareness of time was almost ALWAYS in the future...dreaming of what your life will be, who you will meet, what you will be doing...when...

And if you're in your 50s or later, you can probably relate to spending a lot of your current awareness of time in the past...reminiscing....remember that trip? remember him/her? remember that time...? remember when you/we/I...? Ahh...those were the good old days.

Then there's this interesting chunk of time from 30-50 or so where you'd think we are just living and present in time, but if we're being honest...we're probably in one of those two places, the past or the future. Worrying about tomorrow, bills, what's going to happen when... or wishing things were "easier" like they used to be in the past...as a kid, when you got to be care-free.

So, when do we start living in the now?

Recently, as I mentioned before...stuff happening in my life...well, my dad has developed some kind of dementia and/or memory loss. For anyone who knows him, this is jarring and really weird. He remembers other peoples' lives better than they do.

And, to give you an idea of what I mean here, he has played puzzles and done logic-related things for decades. 

A month ago, he asked me to help him understand this "new" battleship game. (It's not new, he's been playing the same KrazyDad.com printed battleship games for at least 15-20 years.)

If that weren't shocking enough, today he asked me to help him with Solitaire on the iPad.

So, I spent the time with him.

The thing is, he hasn't always wanted people around, although he loves socializing - he does best when it's directed...over a game of cards, or with a purpose. Just sitting around to talk isn't really his thing.

Now, he's 92 and not getting any more social in his young age 😆 but, him asking me to help with puzzles takes me back to when I was just in college and would come back home on breaks. We'd spend time doing puzzles (logic or crossword puzzles, not jigsaw) together, and just enjoying time.

Since then, I've aged, so has he and we just don't spend as much time together...but I also didn't get the impression that he wanted to.

So, to have him in a state where he needs me to teach him something that he's been doing for years...it really makes me put my mom hat on and remember how incredibly patient he was with me when I was growing up and the amazing teacher he was for me...and I want to do the same for him.

Yes, I have 4 webinars coming up before April 1...

Yes, I have clients that I want to check in on because they had big things happening this week...

Yes, I have a 2.5 year old who needs my attention...

Yes, I have about 1,000 things on my mental to-do list that I know I could be doing...

But I'm so aware of time and the moments I'm spending now, that I throw all the other things away in those moments (more easily when my son is napping, of course) because this time...this moment I'm spending...I can never spend it again, and I won't have them to spend forever.

If you've lost a parent, I'm sure this resonates with you...even just holding their hand while they fall asleep is time well spent.

So, my question is... how are you spending your time and your awareness of time?

  • Are you fully present in the here and now?
  • Are you off in the future?
  • Are you reminiscing about the past?

It's okay and normal to do all those things...

If I may just offer a suggestion...decide how you want to spend each moment.

Ask yourself:

Would this moment be more enjoyable, rewarding, fruitful... if I spent it fully present in time and space?

If so, I think you know what to do.

When the time comes for you to look back at those moments, you'll remember them so much more clearly and with so much more joy than if you didn't make that conscious choice.

Know someone who could benefit from fully present moments??

💖 Please share! 💖

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