Can we just talk about something that has been a hindrance in my life for a long time?


Perfection is defined as a state of completeness and flawlessness

Now, as a C/D in DISC, I know that perfection is one of the things that drives me, and I also know that it's probably the biggest thing that holds me back.

Have you ever experienced perfection?  Does it exist?  Is it egotistical to think that we can achieve perfection? Is perfection a perceived concept and does it mean something different to others? 

Most importantly, does it matter?

In the grand scheme of life, does it matter if you achieve perfection and does it matter if you perceive something as having achieved perfection while someone else may disagree?


I ate an oatmeal raisin cookie the other day... In my opinion, the baker achieved perfection.  There was nothing wrong in my mind with that cookie.  It brought my taste buds to nirvana.  It was delicious and it made me so happy to eat it.  What a cookie!  Have you ever experienced that before?  That total feeling of perfection?


What keeps us from thinking or feeling that when we create something ourselves

Most of us create something and then begin to tear it down mentally – which in turn tears down our confidence.  Is this innate in humans or just those of us lucky enough to think we aren’t good enough to ever achieve perfection?

This in itself is flawed thinking. 

Our minds are perfect.

How we perceive things is what becomes fuzzy.  We have experiences that cloud what is really there and what we perceive to be there. 

The difficulty is in the process. NOBODY does something perfectly the first time, every time.

One of my mentors recently used the analogy of a lemonade stand.

Does a child find the perfect lemons, water, corner, build the perfect building, have the perfect business plan, study the perfect streets to have the stand etc. etc. before they start selling lemonade?


They start, gaining customers and figuring it out on the way. I love this analogy, it's perfect. 😆😊 What we can accomplish is incredible, but it takes starting to achieve perfection.

The first cookie that baker ever made was probably not perfect, but over time he learned how to perfect his technique and thus I benefitted from the cookie.

Know that our minds are miracles and are perfect.

Know that we are capable of incredible things. Urban legend says we only use 10% of our brain. Although physically we use all of our brain, what we really are using is a small portion of our potential.  This keeps us from accepting and achieving perfection because we hold back a lot of our potential out of fear.


Perfection is not something that many people can accept – but is so worth the effort of exploring and understanding because it helps raise your awareness of what you truly are capable of and how you alone hold yourself back from reaching that level.

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