🙌If we let Him, it might still hurt, but not as badly…🙏

Another nugget of wisdom from William...
Today, as I write this, while I was laying down with my 2.5 year old son, we were discussing...well… a lot of random things, but one of them was falling down.
He said “fall down”
I asked “did William fall down?”
He responded, “no, fall down street!”
“Oh, you could fall down if you run in the street.” I was catching his jist…”That’s why it’s so important to hold hands.”
“No hold hand!”
“I understand you don’t want to hold hands sometimes, but if you run out in the street without holding hands you might get very hurt. If you hold hands, you still might trip but the fall won’t be nearly as bad.”
Then it hit me.
God feels that way about us.
He wants us to ask Him to hold our hand…in everything.
And if we don’t, He knows we might get more hurt than He really wants to see happen.
But, just like a parent with their child, He knows sometimes we just won’t hold His hand and he’s going to have to simply (in His case, you know omnipotence and all) watch us fall, get hurt, and wait for us to come back...asking to get cleaned up, dusted off, then maybe give us a pep talk and some soothing words, a hug, and to help us learn from it so we hopefully at least don’t make that mistake again.
So, I realized that you, me, all of us… we all should be asking God to hold our hands so much more than we do.
It seems crazy, until you hear from people like John Maxwell and one of his top faculty members, the phenomenal speaker certification trainer Roddy Galbraith (both my mentors) about their experiences.
Roddy told me once that when he was just discovering Christianity, well… let’s back up a sec, he had been an Atheist for years and was opened to the world of Spirituality from an old text called the Spirit of Opulence that essentially framed the concept of personal growth as we know it today. When he was in that spirituality place and learning about God, Christ, the Holy Spirit from none other than John Maxwell… John told him to start asking God for his hand in things.
So, Roddy started with big things. That’s kinda normal… you know, you don’t really think to ask for help for every little thing you do in your day...but it’s easy to ask God to help you land that job, get the house, buy a car, pay off loans, meet your soulmate...that kind of thing.
And the funny thing was, it was working. He started seeing seemingly impossible things happening every time he asked for God’s hand.
He was kind of shocked and amazed, and John suggested that he try with everything.
Now, of course, that’s not easy to remember, but just like developing any habit, you just have to start where you are. Ask when you remember. So he did. And more and more, Roddy realized that every time he asked for God’s hand, He gave it to him.
And that was the message God downloaded into me today.
He wants us...ALL of us… to include Him in our lives. To ask Him for help, because He has ALL the resources, in perfect abundance.
So, if you’ve been trying to work on the big things yourself...if you’ve been wondering “HOW is 2021 going to be ANY different than 2020?” or “how can I even see straight enough to create a plan for this year?” God is here, and He’s answering.
He’s answering through me to YOU.
❓ Have you ever made a vision board with FAITH as a part of it?
❓ Have you ever been in a challenge that lets you be TOTALLY free to explore your relationship with God and discover what His vision is for you?
❓ Have you ever aligned yourself with a group of over 18,000 faith-filled entrepreneurs who want to be on FIRE in their lives and inspire you to BE OPENLY ON FIRE for God?
My amazing coaches and mentors, Nick and Megan Unsworth, America’s Top Coaches & Marketing Experts have developed a challenge that will help you:
🔥 Clarify God’s Vision for Life & Business
🔥 Create Your Success Plan
🔥 Launch Into Action
And GOD wants YOU to be a part of it and join me in participating in this challenge!
Not only that, but He has put it on my heart to help coach you through the entire challenge to make sure you get everything you can out of it.
✨ If you’re looking for a change
👁   If you’re waiting for a vision
🙌  If you’re trying to find your purpose
💥  If you are fed up with just surviving in your life and you KNOW you were designed with a MUCH higher purpose and you KNOW you were CREATED to HELP PEOPLE…
When you do, you’ll be entered into a community of amazing, supportive people who want to see you live your BEST YEAR EVER in 2021 and you will never look back with anything but gratitude that you were given a chance to live your calling.
Can’t wait to do this challenge together and set our LIVES ON FIRE!
Ask Him to put His hand in this, this year, this challenge, this message to you.
He's offering it.🤝

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